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Price Match Guarantee!   +   FREE Shipping on Most Items!   +   NO Sales Tax! (ex OH)
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5 Reasons to Buy an Auxx Lift Electronic Garage Storage Lift

The Electronic Garage Storage Lifts by Auxx Lift allows you to take control of your garage space again. With a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs pounds, the Auxx Lift is strong enough to store heavy duty items that you don't need taking up floor space in your garage. The easy-to-use remote makes it simple to raise and lower your belongings, while the included safety straps keep your items secure.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy the Auxx Lift Electronic Garage Storage Lift today:

1. Auxx Lift is Wirelessly Controlled

The Auxx-Lift comes with an easy to use wireless remote control, allowing you to lower & raise your platform from a safe distance.


2. A Only Garage Storage Lift w/Auto High & Low Points

Programmable stopping points allow you to set high and low point parameters, preventing your items from hitting the ceiling or floor.


3. These Garage Lifts Also Have an Auto Stop 

Lift will automatically stop if remote control ever loses connection or runs out of battery.


4. Electronic Storage Lifts w/Active Press

Button to move platform needs to be continuously pressed to work, avoiding accidental damage or injury.


5. Self-Leveling Platform

Differential motor technology automatically adjust the weight distribution throughout to keep platform nearly level even with heavy asymmetrically loading. The controller monitors weight on the platform and will prevent you from lifting/lowering items.

Buy Auxx Lift Electronic Garage Storage Lifts Now!

If you're looking for a reliable and easy to use garage storage lift solution, look no further than the Auxx Lift Garage Storage Lifts! These Garage Storage Lifts are the perfect way to store your seasonal yard belongings, holiday decorations, and other infrequently used items. The garage storage lift allows you to create additional storage space in your garage without taking up valuable floor space. The easy-to-use electronic garage storage lift system makes it simply to raise and lower your belongings, while the included safety straps keep your items secure. The Auxx Lift Garage Storage Lift is a great way to free up space in your garage so you can park your car, work on projects, or simply enjoy your hobbies. Order your Auxx Lift Garage Storage Lift today and start enjoying the extra space in your garage!
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