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Shipping, Warranty, & Returns

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At YBLGoods we hold a strong standard as to who we do business with. We strive to build personal & long lasting relationships with each and every Manufacturer we work with.

We are an Official Authorized Dealer of every product we sell!

YBLGoods Voted 5 Star Customer Service

As an Authorized Dealer of every Brand in our store, YBLGoods works directly with each Manufacturer to provide the best Shipping, Warranties, and Return Polices available to each of our customers... guaranteed. In doing so, we have taken the extra steps to match the Policies of each and every Manufacturer we work with as well. This allows us to give all of our Customers the best options available to them, based off the actual Policy of the Brand being purchased.Β 


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Regardless of which Brand you Purchased, there will also be a 3% Non-Refundable Credit Card Fee, in addition to any Fees Imposed by the Manufacturers. Which is charged, without our control, by the Credit Card Processors themselves.Β 

How Does YBLGoods Return Policy Compare to Other Retailers?

Many other retailers will combine all Policies into a single store wide Policy. Which in most cases, does not serve the customer with all available options on their purchase.


Why Don't Other Retailers Do This?

The answer is simple. Most other sellers do not do this because it requires many extra steps to take care of each customer on an individual basis like we do.

Often times other retailers choose to have only one Policy which covers all products, in order to make it easier for the team handling Customer Service. However, by doing this their Policy is based off the brand with the least favorable options, in order for it to cover all products being sold within their store.

Here at Your Best Life Goods, we take every additional step possible in order to provide all our Customers with the best options available to them at all times!




If you have any questions or concerns, you may also reach us directly at +1 (440) 678-7845 or Message Us with the Chat Button in the bottom right corner of your screen.Β 

If you would like for us to get back to you at a more convenience time, you may Email Us at or Fill Out the Form on our Contact Page



AllΒ Shipping, Warranty, & Return Info is 100% Backed by each Manufacturer directly!Β Ensuring youΒ theΒ BEST Quality & ServiceΒ possible, while avoiding un-authorized Dealers who re-sell without permission and who's policies can not be upheld or supported by the Manufacturers.

Look For These Badges & More Around Our Store...

We are 100% Confident that our Prices are the absolute cheapest, that YBLGoods offers Price Match Guarantee on every single product in our store! We already Sell every item at the Lowest Price Possible, (MAP Pricing) set by the Manufacturers themselves!
YBLGoods has Free Shipping on Most Products in Our Store!
We have a 100% Safe & Secure Checkout at YBLGoods. With a Full SSL Certificate, we only use the most well known Authorized and Secure Credit Card Processors and accept all the most commonly used Payment Options by Consumers like you today!
At YBLGoods we do not Charge Any Sales Tax, excluding Ohio. Saving you Hundreds of Dollars!
Simple & Easy Returns. We offer the exact same Shipping & Return Policy as the Manufacturers themselves. If they will take it back, we will honor it! Simply Contact Us for a Return if you have any problems post purchase!