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Price Match Guarantee!   +   FREE Shipping on Most Items!   +   NO Sales Tax! (ex OH)
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5 Best Electric Fireplaces by TouchStone in 2022

It's that time of year again where the leaves start to change colors and there is a slight chill in the air. It can be hard to stay warm when it gets cold outside, but electric fireplaces are an excellent way to keep your home nice and cozy. They don't require any work on your part, they're energy-efficient, and you can set them up anywhere! In this article, we'll discuss electric fireplace options for every budget - from affordable electric fireplaces for those who need something inexpensive, to high-end electric fireplaces with all the bells and whistles.

Forte 40" Recessed Electric

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New Design

Free of distracting buttons and vents, The Forte™ Electric Fireplace features a streamlined mounting design for easy installation inside of a wall. Mounting is available on the back or sides of the unit. Simple to operate, the fireplace's heat and flame settings are fully controlled by a handheld remote. The 17-inch high glass display showcases the realistic flames beautifully; while small, unobtrusive heat vents on the glass keep the focus on the fire.

Chesmont 50" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

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Realistic Flame

The Chesmont electric fireplace ships with a driftwood and crystal hearth option. The combination driftwood and crystal hearth set bring a modern and sleek look to any living space. The Chesmont flames sit behind a tempered glass box that offers a three-sided view of the beautiful media and flames. The heating vent is located at the inside top of the mantel and in addition to its discreet location. The Chesmont also offers 5 flame brightness settings that are adjustable with the remote control or manually adjustable on the touchpad which is located on the face of the unit. The brightness options, which can be altered with the touch of a button, ranging from a dull ember glow to a full blaze. The Chesmont's flames are so realistic, your electric fireplace will be mistaken for a real gas fireplace. 

Sideline Elite 42" Recessed Electric Fireplace 

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Multiple flame colors

To create the cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic unit emits authentic-looking flames that emulate a real fire. The flames that Touchstone Home Products™ fireplaces create are natural enough to have friends and family think you own a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

This fireplace has 60 color combinations, allowing you to set just the right mood. The lighting and heating options of this fireplace offer you the ability to customize your atmosphere to your liking. With both its look and performance, Sideline® Elite gives you the total package. Both the heat and flame settings can be operated through a remote control. (Batteries not included)

30" Sedona PRO Multi Built-In Electric Fireplace

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Introducing the next generation of flame, with an organic look that you can't find anywhere else. These lights are meant to be seen and will make any room pop! Your choices include patterns like fractals or flames; each light also comes in 8 different colors meaning there's something for everyone (including those who prefer blue!). The best part about these things? They're not just pretty on a surface level - they actually emit heat along their length so it feels warm when touched by your hand instead of icy cold metal as would normally happen if this conventional electrical device! Check out for yourself today

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Landscape PRO Multi-Sided (Built-In/ Clean face) Electric Fireplace - 4" OR 12" Wall

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The Landscape PRO Multi-Sided (BUILT-IN/ CLEAN FACE) Electric Fireplace comes with a random, beautiful flame image that will make your home look more exciting and interesting. There are also high-intensity RGB flames options for those of us who love the bright colors! The fireplace includes individually controlled or synchronized light features so you can have color changes when desired as well full spectrum in each individual element such as embers bedding or down lighting coloring to suit any style imaginable. This piece would be perfect addition not only because it's functional but also how visually appealing they'll make your space seem through these amazing features.

 In conclusion, an electric fireplace is a great choice for those of us who are looking to add warmth and ambiance to our homes without worrying about the hassle and problems associated with traditional fireplaces.

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