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Price Match Guarantee + NO Sales Tax (ex. Ohio) + FREE Shipping on Most Orders!
Price Match Guarantee + NO Sales Tax (ex. Ohio) + FREE Shipping on Most Orders!
SmarterHome: The Leading Smart Home Company in 2021

SmarterHome: The Leading Smart Home Company in 2021



It is every family’s dream to have a fully integrated smart home. SmarterHome can help you make that dream come true.

Two companies known as GarageSmart and Tilt recently became one company called SmarterHome.

As SmarterHome continues to innovate and bring the best smart home products to market, it's easy to see why they are leading in 2021. SmarterHome Company started and led the development of the first Bluetooth enabled myLifter product, which raised over $100k on Kickstarter. The funds they raised, as well as the great feedback they received from the Kickstarter community, has allowed them to launch myLifter. They were one of the first companies that introduced smart garage technology, as well as some of the most advanced blinds on the market today. If you're looking for a company that will provide you with a smarter home experience, SmarterHome is where you want to be!

SmarterHome's goal is to provide their customers with a smarter way of living through technology. They offer a variety of services that include Smart Blinds, Smart Roller Shades, Smart Platform Lifts, and more!

But they are done yet. They're still on a mission to transform lives using technology. Let’s find out why and how SmarterHome is the leading smart home company in 2021 


Minimalistic Build Equates To A Futuristic Looking Home



One of the reasons why SmarterHome is the leading smart home and garage company in 2021 because of its clean, futuristic-looking design with color options that goes perfectly with the modern standard for Aesthetics.

SmarterHome offers a variety of products and services that allow consumers to experience the best of both worlds.

SmarterHome envisions achieving an environment where homes are smart, responsive and super intelligent spaces with minimalistic layouts for futuristic living environments without clutter or distractions. To achieve this goal, Smarter Homes has taken on the challenge by designing smarter homes that are simple to use despite it's concept revolving around technology.


Quiet Motors



The SmarterHome's Smart Blinds and Smart Roller Shades with the help of your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app, they automatically adjusts the blinds & shades according to light levels outside while it's motor is designed to roll up & down in your Smart Roller Shades & Smart Blinds quiet enough to not interrupt your sleep. This is achieved when the “Quiet Mode” is enabled when setting a schedule.


User Friendly Smartphone App Interface



SmarterHome is the leading smart home company in 2021 due to its user-friendly smartphone app interface. SmarterHome has a smartphone app called "MySmartBlinds" & "myLIFTER" that allows homeowners to control Smart Lifters, Smart Blinds & Roller Shades from their phone via bluetooth.

The Smart Blinds & Roller Shades can be enhanced further by getting their tiny box-looking smart device called Bridge. While it is optional and can still fully function without it, Bridge enhances the functionality & control over your Smart Blinds & Smart Roller Shades hands free by using voice command. Bridge can only control up to 8 devices at a time. 


Easy Installation


SmarterHome products are easy to install. Because of their SmartLock technology for inside mounts, our Smart Blinds & Roller Shades have a simple installation process that can be completed in as little as a minute-or-less process and without any additional tools. This is all because of SmartLock technology that takes the tools out of the installation equation, meaning no screwdrivers! These fast installations mean you're up and running as soon as these Smart Blinds, Roller Shades & Smart Lifters arrives at your doorstep!

Take note that Smart Lifters also require no "special equipment" during the installation process.


Solar Energy & Environment Friendly



SmarterHome offers a suite of services that automate your life, including smart blinds and roller shades. Set a routine & automate your schedule for your blinds to open & close so you can save energy & time.

Speaking of saving energy, these Smart Blinds & Roller Shades comes with a Smarterhome Solar Panel that is designed to keep your rechargeable battery at full charge when direct sunlight is available for a few hours each day of the week. That means no more plug charging! And you also have the option for Micro USB cable charging should you ever prefer one.



SmarterHome's Best Selling Products

SmarterHome won't be the leading smart home company if not for their best selling smart products . SmarterHome has it all for a smart home. Whether you want to upgrade your old garage lifters with their new smart garage lifters or if you're looking for some sleek, stylish and smart window treatments then they have the products that will fit your needs:



Boring shades are so yesterday and there's no need to bother looking for any traditional roller shades. With that being said, this is where SmarterHome gets an advantage

One of their products is the Bluetooth-enabled MySmartRollerShades for your interior windows. MySmartRollerShades controls natural light and helps you maintain your privacy. MySmartRollerShades also offers sunrise/sunset automation, allowing you to set repeating opening/closing schedules without even lifting a finger.

MySmartRollerShades includes an energy saving solar charging panel so you never have to plug them in for cable charging, plus it is easy to install! Just mount the mounting brackets side by side and proceed to hang your roller shades right next to each other. That's pretty neat am I right?




SmarterHome have all kinds of products that provide convenience and safety to our customers. And MySmartBlinds is just one of their products that made SmarterHome the leading smart home company in 2021.

MySmartBlinds can be controlled remotely using Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone or by voice commands through Bridge. The blinds also gives you control of your home’s lighting and privacy from the palm of your hand. With MySmartBlinds, you can have all your schedules and automations running on the MySmartBlinds’ onboard motor. They go off no matter where you are thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. All you need to do it set up MySmartBlinds and control them on demand with the company’s fantastic smartphone app. Your personal space & privacy is protected with MySmartBlinds by SmarterHome!

Just like the MySmartRollerShades, this one also features an energy saving solar charging panel to cut out any potential problems from a micro USB cable charger.


Hard Top Lifter

The Hard Top Lifter is the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled hoist for you if you have a heavy hardtop to store in your garage. Keep everything in control in terms of speed, automatic stopping points and weight limit thanks to this cutting-edge technology that seamlessly operates via Bluetooth to keep your hardtop and anything underneath it safe. The Hard Top Lifter includes a Freedom Panel storage that allows your hardtop to get closer to the ceiling and free up even more space in your garage. And it's easy installation prevents damage to your hard top and frees up even more space inside of your garage!

  • Easy to install
  • Automatically lifts and lowers your hardtop
  • Prevents hardtop damage
  • Easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device
  • The Hard Top Lifter also works with all Factory Jeep Wrangler hardtops from 2007 to current models.


Platform Lifter

The Platform Lifter is the smartest, safest Bluetooth-powered storage solution for storage bins, camping gear, and more.

You can control it's pulling speed, adjust it's stopping points, and weight limit using it's smartphone app to keep you and your items safe. You can customize your platform’s dimensions from 3x3 to 3x6 if you want to increase the storage space and lifting capacity and add a Tool Rack for safe, easy storage of rakes, brooms, and other heavy stuff. The Platform Lifter also has the 200lbs type and 400lbs type capacity depending on your preference.

  • It is super easy to install
  • It is great for lowering heavy items into truck bed
  • It prevents your items from rolling or tipping
  • Can be easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device


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