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Price Match Guarantee!   +   FREE Shipping on Most Items!   +   NO Sales Tax!   (ex OH)

Auxx-One Garage Single Motor Lifter (400lbs) by Auxx-Lift

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Original Price $885.00 - Original Price $990.00
Original Price
$885.00 - $990.00
Current Price $885.00


The ultimate storage solution for bulky items.

Our single motor lifter is the ideal storage solution for a wide variety of heavy, bulky items like Truck Tops, Rooftop Tents, Canoes, Fifth Wheel Hitch, and many more. Thanks to our powerful motor with 400 lbs lifting capacity. All controlled via our wireless remote control.

A lifter with Range

The use cases for the ONE-AUXX lifter are limitless. Clearing your garage floor of heavy-bulky items is just part of it. See our list below of what our customers are using the Auxx-One Lift for:

Bicycle, Mountain Bikes, E-Bikes, Cargo Bikes & Motorcycles
Canoes, Kayaks, Pontoons & Paddle Boats
Truck Caps, Camper Shells, Pickup Toppers or Truck Tops
Jeep (Soft Tops & Hard Tops)
Roof Top Tents
Fifth Wheel Hitches
Air Compressors
Kid's Riding Toys and Power Wheels
Sports Gear
Tool Boxes & Truck Boxes

Heavy Duty Storage Solution

Features & Benefits

  • No heavy lifting

    Eliminate the safety hazard of reaching up to grab heavy items. Finally your bulkiest items can vanish from your garage floor and safely stored overhead on your ceiling.

  • Wireless Remote-Control

    Equipped with an easy to use remote control allowing you to lower/raise your items. Programmable stopping points allow you to set high and low point parameters preventing your items hitting the ceiling or floor.

  • Safety

    The robust lifter comes with a wide variety of safety features such as preventing you from lifting items above capacity limits. The dual aircraft cables are spaced further apart to ensure your items won’t spin or twist while suspended.

  • Customizable

    Accessories like our adjustable straps, carabiners, hooks, and ext. frames keep even the bulkiest item snugly secured and its center of gravity balanced.





All-Purpose E-Beam Lifting Frame

Our Horizontal Snap-In Load-Securing Track that can be customized to fit your garage storage needs.

E-Beam Dimensions

The multi-purpose E-Beam lays the groundwork for your lifting needs. It is made from industrial-grade steel that has been galvanized for Corrosion and scratch-resistant. Similar tracks have been used in the trucking world to prevent goods from shifting or tipping.

We offer multiple anchor points and other accessories to keep you and your stored items safe.

Attachment Points
  • Slots spacing: 2 in / 50.8mm on center
  • Slot height: 2-13/32 in / 61.1mm
  • # of sides: Both sides
  • Type: Snap-In
  • Height: 5 in / 12.7 cm
  • Length: 5 ft / 152.4 cm
  • Thick: 13/16 in / 20.65 mm
  • Weight: 7.58 oz / 215 g
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Corrosion-resistant


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