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Price Match Guarantee!   +   FREE Shipping on Most Items!   +   NO Sales Tax! (ex OH)
Price Match Guarantee!   +   FREE Shipping on Most Items!   +   NO Sales Tax! (ex OH)

Elina Pilates Baby Arc

SKU ELN 450025
Original Price $375.00 - Original Price $375.00
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$375.00 - $375.00
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Pilates Edge is similar to our Arc with the added feature handles on both sides gentle to curve, helps decompress and lengthen the spine. Like the Arcs are great for adding a new dimension to mat work classes, offering different exercises options that help to improve posture and strengthen the back extension leg and shoulder muscles to increase or decrease challenge and to assist rehab clients.

Made with dense EVA foam cushioning to provide optimal comfort.

Wooden structure. Leather-covered. With a handle grip. 

Size 18,9 x 6,3 x 17 in| 48 x 16 x 43 cm. 


Barrel length 18,9 in | 48 cm
Barrel width 17 in | 43 cm
Barrel height 6,3 in | 16 cm