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Price Match Guarantee + NO Sales Tax (excluding Ohio) + FREE Shipping on Most Orders!
Price Match Guarantee + NO Sales Tax (excluding Ohio) + FREE Shipping on Most Orders!

Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine




Please make your selection from the drop down menu above to select the model and remote option.

  • Plus-2 (ball speed up to 67 mph) - $1,899
  • Plus-2 (ball speed up to 67 mph) with Remote Watch - $1,999
  • Plus-2 High Spin (ball speed up to 80 mph) - $1,999
  • Plus-2 High Spin (ball speed up to 80 mph) with Remote Watch - $2,099

The Spinshot Plus-2 model combines all the features from the original Plus model but also includes the advanced features of the Player model.

Compared with the original Plus model, the Plus-2 now features the Player's Drill Maker App functionality catering for full programmability of drill settings.

Comparing the Plus-2 against the Player model, the Plus-2 model control panel features an OLED screen as Plus model, so it allows for easy access to horizontal and vertical oscillations. So the users don't have to use the App to set the oscillation drills. On the Plus-2 panel, just press the drill button and then use the + or - buttons to switch between 12 drills which is the same as the Player model.

Plus-2 High Spin Demo Video

Watch as the Plus-2 High Spin machine is used to create the 'Li Na Drill'. 



High Spin Models
The high-spin model is more powerful as it uses high power motors. The normal model will deliver balls slower when high spin settings applied, but the high-spin model can still shoot balls fast even in high spin settings.  Users can always adjust the settings to get low spin balls.  There is no disadvantage for the high spin models. It just has a higher maxim speed and spin which is adjustable.

Battery or Mains Power Options
Battery included with your purchase for US address delivery.  You can also upgrade your machine by adding our Hybrid Power and Battery module if you want the option to use AC mains power or battery.

Remote Control via App or Watch
Our Drill Maker app for Android and iPhone is free to download. Read more about our Drill Maker App and download on your device to see how it works. The Drill Maker app is also compatible with Apple Watch.

The Spinshot Plus-2 also supports our new Watch Remote to control the machine. See more details on our new Watch Remote. The Watch Remote requires a CR2032 battery (not supplied).

Review of the Spinshot Plus-2 by WTA Pro Meike Babel








Compare our Machines
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Comparison Chart

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  Lite Pro Plus Player Plus-2
Drills &
Custom Drills
Preset Drills
2-Line Drills
3- Line Drills
Random Drills


Edit Oscillation via Front Panel
Remote Control
Drill Maker
App Remote
Edit Drill On App

Apple Watch Remote

Power Options
AC Power
Adjustable Controls
Top Spin / Back Spin
Feed Rate
Oscillation /
Horizontal Placement
Speed of Basic Model (mph) 18-37 18-68 18-68 18-68 18-68
Speed of High-Spin Model (mph) NA NA NA 18-80 18-80
Battery Play
Time (hours)
2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3 2-3
Ball Capacity 50 120 120 120 120
Weight 22lb 37lb 37lb 37lb 37lb